Coolio Baby Boy 3pcs Front Shirt Body Jeans Set

9M | 12M | 18M | 24M
SKU: CM3157

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Sizes: 9M | 12M | 18M | 24M

* 1 package has 9M | 12M | 18M | 24M sizes – 4sizes * 3 = 12 pieces
* Please note that stock availability may change before payment is received.

Orders processing time is:  5 – 10 Business days
  • The minimum order amount is $500. Please contact for an order below this price.
  • Wholesale only. We do not retail
  • In some cases, stock status may change after ordering. We will contact you if we can’t supply some models after the order.
  • We sell on a package basis. Do not forget to review the quantity and size in the package in the description.
  • Price doesn’t include shipment & logistics & customs duty.
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